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Saturday 5th Sept 2020 meeting of 961s in Peak District

 Few of us have met b4 & this time it’s on the above date 

  “ Yondermann Cafe”

    A623 Wardlow Mires , wardlow,Buxton           SK17 8RW

    Late morning arrival , come on down , all welcome old Norton’s & new ones alike , should be easy to get to for all in middle England , although those of us staying near by are from 200/300 miles away 


Hi Some of you may know Terry on this forum who is my business partner and 961 owner. He had a stroke about 10 weeks ago and has been trying like mad to get fit enough to attend this coming weekend. He made the decision today that its not going to happen. Therefore, I have his double room at the Priest House going spare. I don't want anything for it, buy me a beer maybe, but if anyone needed a push to make up their minds then this is it.


This is an old post , but it’s a new one again now ,961 meet up at same venue , “ the priest house “ Saturday 4th September 2021 ,  few of us , well bout 5/6 are staying there again on the fr/Saturday nights , ride out in Peak District on Saturday daytime , all Norton’s of any age welcome of course , come on down for bit of a a biking bash 

We hope to meet up with some of the old Norton staff and catch up on all things not just 961's so all welcome   Ride out planned for the Saturday


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