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Ace Cafe events

I see Ace Cafe is trying to attract customers on Sunday 12 Feb with a "Singles Day".  It's bound to attract mostly modern stuff, but perhaps of interest to Norton Singles owners to show the flag on a chilly day? All Norton Singles are ULEZ exempt.


David is correct but unfortunately you have to register that a vehicle is ulez exempt on the TFL website. A simple check can be made by entering your reg number on the website.


Ace and North Circular are currently outside ULEZ.  But all vehicles registered as "Historic" are automatically exempt, regardless of what the TfL website check says, and they do not have to be registered either.  I's ridiculous if the vehicle check site is still not fit for purpose.


I wouldn't encourage it as being worthwhile for a long trip destination.  I'm not sure whether to go, and I'll be easily put off by bad weather.  It's more to keep reminding people (especially riders of newer machines) that our bikes have an existence outside museums.  Otherwise there's a danger we just show them off to each other.

11 miles, at least 5 speed cameras, 15mph average speed if lucky...what's to enjoy?


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