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Hi all need some help identifying these forks(early roadholders I think) 32inch top nut to spindle hole, and 2 strange lugs on top yoke, also the brake anchor slot is very small and only about 3ins from spindle hole which suggests a small front brake. Any help appreciated 


I think the 8" brake plates fitted for the iron half-width hub is the same as the one fitted to the 'full-width' hub for the '55 and '56 bikes.  The hub shell changed, but not the brake plate and shoes.  It is worth noting that the shoes remain the same on the later all-alloy full width hub, but the cam is different.  It's a more elliptical shape, instead of flat with rounded ends.  It gives a softer, more progressive brake action.  I have been meaning to fit one to my '55 Dominator for years....


Thanks Philip (and Bruce Tinworth) for the pdf. I had no idea why I couldn't get my front hub to fit properly ('52 ES2). I made it work by modifying the spacer tube and fitting shims. I now realise why. I have a steel brake plate when it should be alloy!

Problem solved.


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