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Side stand solution


I thought I would share my solution to not having a side stand on the Jubilee. I didn't fancy the ones that came off the front down tube. Instead I got a length of 8mm x 40mm flat bar and using fag packet engineering I decided to mount coming off the foot mount hexagonal. I'd got a side stand off Fleabay, so then measured, cut and filed. When I was happy with that I twisted the flat bar to get the angle and welded a bolt in for the spring mount. I'm happy with it so far BUT I've not actually used it in anger as yet, so maybe more adjustments will be necessary.


... a similar idea for the prop stand on the Francis Barnett Cruiser (same frame as the Jubilee) I rebuilt earlier this year, but used the AJD idea of a Kawasaki stand. It worked very well - can (almost) be seen in the attached:



Seems topical to raise the subject of AJD. She suggested using a second-hand Kawasaki side stand on a Jubilee and I bought one for less than a tenner and fitted it to my Jubilee - works a treat and has avoided a hernia getting the surprisingly heavy Jubilee onto the centre stand every time.

'Free AJD' and the Renault Five!



Thanks for the replies, I was unaware of Anna's Kawasaki solution, I will have to search the forum(if its still there), would have enjoyed swapping notes. The Franny B side stand looks pukka, it gives me comfort for my solution to hang the side stand there.


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