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Spacers, studs etc for Commando based special.


Following a pretty serious racing accident I lost most of my (Somewhat limited.) facilities, including my lathe.

Also it appears that over the years most of my contacts have retired or worse..


Therefore I'm looking for somewhere/someone who would take on relatively simple work.

SE England preferred.


TIA Paul.


These guys do a full range of stainless studs with imperial threads including different thread forms on each end.

I have used next size up nuts as spacers and stacks of washers (good for working out size of spacers too)


GWR Fasteners also have a decent range of spacers and studs


Cheers for the links John and Steve, maybe I can use them for studs n things.


PM you Stan.

Still looking for someone/company in the SE if poss'.



Why not come along to your local NOC group and see if you can make some personal contacts? There are also Facebook groups which appear to contain fanatical lovers of lathes...but who never seem to make clear what they actually make.


... people with lathes occupy themselves by making attachments and enhancements for said lathes.......


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