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Clutch Operating Lever Assembly


Good morning all, not for the first time I am confused. My trusty Haynes Manual said to tighten  the clutch operating lever assembly lock ring while holding the clutch operating lever assembly in the correct position. This I have done and the clutch operating lever assembly can be turned [with no end float and no rocking of the assembly]. As I see it, it is deliberately designed to correctly self align when the clutch cable is in use - so no problem.

I have checked at ANIL, and my manual, but there is no spacer which if tightened would prevent the assembly from rotating nor can I see any reason why the assembly should not be allowed to self align. I have read one of our technical notes which said if the assembly is not fitted in line will cause the cable to deform to a "Z" shape and make clutch operating force to rise.

I feel inclined to leave this as it is but your comments would be welcome.

Thanks Roger


Hi Roger. The locking ring should (as the name suggests) lock the clutch operating body in place so that it can’t be rotated left and right. The operating lever should only be able to move in and out by moving along the slot in the clutch op body, i.e. inwards towards the gearbox and outwards away from the gearbox. Once the locking ring is fully tightened, It shouldn’t be possible to rotate the clutch operating body at all. You’re correct in saying that there’s no spacer so I think you may well have a mismatch of parts possibly from a different year/model.




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