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Paddock stand, (rear) for mk1.

Does anyone know if it possible to use one on a mk1 as bobbins etc are only available for mk2s. I only have this bike as I,ve been told never to kick my 850 mk 3 again after surgeon removed my bladder , prostate and lymph nodes etc. And yes I will get the starter on the mk 3 working. Many hours and trials. Almost there! But in the meantime as the 961 has no centre stand ?? . Thanks, Roy Jack.


I've always had a paddock stand for my Mk1 961 Sport and would make a reasonable guess they didn't change anything on the swinging arm / rear wheel set up on the Mk2 so likely bobbins are the same , but you'd need to check with Norton to be quite sure. If you get fixed up with the paddock stand don't forget you have to remove the bobbins before riding - I've forgotten a couple of times and got away with it but the clearance with silencers is only 1 or 2 mm !


Thanks. I'll order some bobbins and try. Wonder why all the ones for sale state 2015 on ? Have e-mailed norton on a few subjects but never had a reply? Too busy possibly ! Roy.

From accessnorton forums, it is generally better to ring.    The service  team should know. Jan.


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