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New Card Payment System for NOC Members

Hi all,

At the Branch Secretary’s Meeting prior to the AGM on 15th April, I explained to all the Branch Secretary’s present, that we paid PayPal nearly £8K in transaction fees during 2022. We all know how convenient PayPal is for all of us, but that comes at a price for the club and we have been investigating alternative and cheaper payment methods.

The Branch Secretary’s at the meeting confirm that given an alternative cheaper payment method, they would encourage their members to use that cheaper system for the benefit of the club.

We have settled on a payment system called Takepayments in conjunction with Barclaycard, this service will offer us considerably lower transaction fees.

I really need all members help, to use this new cheaper service rather than PayPal and help us save money for the club.

When you buy from the NOC shop or pay for a rally or any service from the main website – please use the new Takepayments system.

You will see it at the top of the payment list and it is called – Preferred card payment for NOC members......

We will run both payment systems in tandem for some while, but it is the expectation of the Board to delete the PayPal system in the near future and therefore vastly reduce our payment fees.

Best Regards – Paul.



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