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Navigator side-stand


Can anyone tell me how a side-stand should be attached to the frame of my 1961 Navigator De-luxe?  Does it bolt on a frame lug?  Mine has a main-stand but no side-stand. 

The bike is currently buried in my shed and very difficult to get at, so I am being a touch lazy here!


Apparently they weren't fitted as standard - they were an optional extra.


Hi All,

These were not fitted as standard, as stated above.

They fitted OUTSIDE the frame, onto a longer stud than normal, at the point the downtube meets the lower frame rails. Personally, I do not like the design, and would worry aboyt the stud bending if undue pressure is put on it (like a child sitting on the bike, while parked).

Sad really, as the centre stand is hard work, unless you develop a knack for it...

And yes - the one on FleaBay is correct (eBay item number: 283968511651)


Here is a couple of photos of the side stand on my Navigator.  Would this be the genuine item? Looking at Andy's information the fitting on the frame looks to be Norton, what about the stand, it has two places to anchor the spring.

The spring is a bit feeble, wore diameter of 1.75mm, are new available?


The used side stand for a lightweight on ebay sold for £85 and I bet a number of us were interested.

Like Bryon, I should like to know if anyone has fitted a side stand from another Norton or other marque and if so how successful it was.

As I get older I am finding it harder to get my Jubilee onto the centre stand as it is such a rise. Good for removing the rear wheel but less friendly for parking the bike. I have to say the original side stands look a bit feeble. 

I see that bolt-on side stands (that grip the frame tube) are available quite cheaply, under £20, and so are side stands for small engine Enfields. I am thinking of modifying one of those to fit.



hello now it ike  andy says  he dose not like this design so make your own  even better make a plate up to fit both bolt holes and you may need a spacer at one end  and have the part the stand fits to welded in place to this plate bracket,  in middle of both engine mount bolt holes  so this take twice the weigh and more safe  , yours  anna j


I recall that the lightweight side stand assembly was always fairly pricey when our spares scheme had them made. Was around £135 right?

Probably plus postage and VAT.

Have just seen part 22611, Side stand assembly lightweight twins, listed at £150.00 on the Norvil web site.

Of course this will be new, but the price is not so far from those re-manufacured by NOC.

Not the answer to your original question Lionel, but worth an enquiry by others if your lightweight is becoming a struggle to get on the centre stand.


Hi Peter/all, I was the one who “won” (now there’s a misnomer for you) the ebay sidestand. Delivered price just under £90. Apart from shot blasting then powder coating (I do both myself) it’s in excellent condition so I consider it good value for money when compared against the current pricing from NOC shop of £120 + vat (even if there was stock!) & £150 from Norvil, so £90 is about right for a used item In my book.   As I’m into my advancing years it’s a struggle to move my 850 Yamaha (yeah I know - it’s not a Norton) around now, a usable sidestand for the Jubilee makes sense since I’ve discovered how “strange” it is to get it onto the centre stand!

I was watching it and would have gone to £95 but I couldn't be bovvered in the end!  With VAT those prices work out at £156 and £180 - but Norvil no longer list them - only the spring.  Not a surprise that they aren't easily available as they weren't fitted as standard.  See my posting about what Members would like to see in the way of spares.






I have to say that I am still not sure how it precisely fits on the frame.  Is there a lug or drilling or does it fit an an engine plate?  Anna mentions "both bolt holes".

The sketches are fairly useful but the dimensions would be most useful.  The leg length being the most important one so that other possibilities can be considered.  

The spring is listed on Norvil's site as Part No. 22614 for £8.42 +VAT & Postage.


Well done Bruce I think you got a bargain.  However, still no replies about other types of side stand that can be used on a lightweight not withstanding Anna's comment. I wish I had the skills and facilities to make a stand but I do not so adapting one from another source is my best bet.


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Hi Lionel - photos attached with tape rule beside it, should give you an indication of sizes. Note - the bottom frame stud has to be longer (noc shop says 5”) than standard so swivel block can be mounted on it - one of the pictures shows that stud.

If I can help further just let me know while it’s still in original condition off the bike.



.. Anna's excellent advice (on this topic anyway) and used a Suzuki stand from ebay for around a tenner for my ES2. I had to make a mounting plate but that was easy enough.



That looks good. The plates look to give a much better anchorage than the single bolt on the original lightweight stand.

You don't happen to know which model of Suzuki the stand came off? 



hello well you can see why andy dose not like this type of norton side stand  witch is way over priced as cheap looking  and bound to fail at any time  with only one stud holding it  Well Suzuki had the sense to make a good side stand  and kawasaki comes up close as there side stands are very good or you go all out to  fabricate your out ten time better than norton could ever do  Well I do not have a side stand for my Navigator so one of my own design is on the cards  good luck guys  yours   anna j

Many thanks for the pics Bruce.  My idea would be to see if another maker's fitted - like the Suzuki apparently.  Not important enough for me to waste sleep over though!  I have to get its carb sorted first and some of the screw terminal wiring that the previous owner fitted to a new wiring harness  Before all that I have to start and expedition into my shed where it's stored on a hydraulic lift!


Anna, I have a Kawasaki side stand on my pre featherbed ES2, almost a straight bolt on for £20!  I haven’t looked at fitting on the Jubilee but it should be simple. 



.. mine may be Kawasaki - sorry for confusing anyone. I think the model had several Zs in its name....

Looking back it was off a Kawasaki ZX600 / ZZR600.


I asked earlier in this thread If my Navigator had a Norton rather some other make side stand.  From the subsequent posts it seems I have. 

Anyone know why the stand has two locations for anchoring the spring?

Also, is there an up-stop or does the footrest spacer act as the up-stop as it does on mine?


Sorry John I don’t know but I expect Andy will - drop him a message.

This is my Kawasaki stand on my ES2 I’ll be fitting one to my Navigator.   



Ian (and Dan),

Thanks for the information on the Kawasaki stand.



I bought a Kawasaki ZX600 side stand off ebay for £16 including postage. It is a robust item and  it looks like it will do the job on my Jubilee.  The stand looks identical to the one in Dan's photo.

I need to make up a small triangular plate to bolt the stand to the frame and a packing piece for the front lower frame bolt behind  the plate but that looks simple enough. The stand will be anchored to two frame/engine bolts so that should be strong enough.



.. I've started worrying about all these Kawasakis falling over because Norton owners have pinched their stands.....



Well at least I increased the value of my Jubilee by the cost of the stand - £16!


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hello perhaps we should use the kawasaki engine in our Nortons as well As ones I seen have done 100,000 plus with out any bother   early kawasaki twins were very good engines and right hand foot change as well they copied BSA but did a lot better job ,  so the japanese have shown us the way how to build good motorcycle the only thing is they never beat  the featherbed frame  has will take engines up to a v8 rover So now its a side stand project to come from my 350 navi witch is not that bad an engine but could do with improvements   and would make a nice 800 four , liquid cooled  fitted into a spine frame design of the featherbed       and that could the near future norton     if only TVR listens           yours  anna j


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