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Grade of aluminium for DIY pushrods?

I may have to make some solid pushrods for a friend's British twin AJS ( yes not a Norton but he has a Triton so he has half a Norton).

Yes i know this is the Norton owners club but i was just hoping someone can give some advice on what grade of aluminium to use. The pushrods are at present 5/16"" (8mm) diameter an approximately 8 an half inches total length but are approximately 1/8" (3mm) to short. 


Does it have steel end caps? A socket at the top and ball below?

I'd suggest HE3O TF. Very common, good strength, heat treated. You aren't welding, so it will retain its strength. Modern number is 6082 T6 I believe. Pure aluminium is much softer.


Yes they have hardened steel end caps and  someone may have pulled them off before as there are some strange marks on a few ends.

Thanks for the advice. 


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