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961 fuelling issues

hi all ,

i am lucky to own a 961 street or am I!!!

it will go back under warranty but just wondered if anyone else is suffering from fuelling problems.

My street seems to lack throttle response and sometimes refuses to tick over anything less than 2000rpm. The throttle sometimes doesn’t shut down without a prompt from the brakes. The whole thing is noisy, has anyone put the standard pipes back on to quieten the exhaust down as I find the sound quite harsh?



It’s a bit of a pain running the bike in for the first 500/600 miles , low revs nothing happens , the engine is a push rod air cooled engine ,it’s noisey like a threshing machine ,it’s okay, not sure of ur exhaust set up , 2 into 1 on the street, the Standard 961 needs the decat removed & the straight open pipes to breathe better ,normally soughted after first service, it may feel like an old two stroke with the wrong jets in the carbs ,persevere & it be a different machine , & come see us at “ Krazy Horse “ 

thanks for the reply Richard,

i am familiar with old engines that sound like threshing machines so that’s not the issue here really, more to do with faulty fuel injection I suspect!!!! The exhausts are probably not street legal and I guess that’s why the dealer has supplied the standard ones in a box with the street model.

i will go to the dealer this a.m and report here on the findings in due course



My 2017 Norton 961 was totally gutless until the first service was completed. Then it was a transformed bike in terms of performance. The servicing agent informed me (on the quiet) that the factory was actually de-tuning the bikes to prevent new owners from thrashing the engines. However, despite the re-mapping and standard silencers the engine was horrendous in terms of mechanical noise and on several occasions people mentioned that the big ends were failing on my bike.


hi all,

I have visited the local dealer who has declared a faulty sensor and one has been ordered. Another slight fault has been the start of an oil leak possibly from the forward sprocket oil seal. In 200 miles the first service and these issues will be sorted. At this time I am going to have the standard silencers fitted as the one supplied is very noisy .

access Norton site is most useful in understanding some of these issues,Thankyou Richard for directing me their.




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