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I'm thinking about doing some touring with my '71 fastback. Can anybody recommend panniers or other luggage carriers..

Thanks in anticipation Alan


I am still using my Cravens and rate them. It's also a jolly good rack in it's own right, properly engineered to take the weight away from the rear frame loop via the stays leading down to the rear footrests.


The Hepco and Becker set from Andover Norton is fantastic, if a little expensive. The panniers are large (if you choose the large ones) and do not fit parallel to the seat-stay frame tubes; they sit out quite noticeably at the front. Of course, you can't see this when you are sitting on the machine. The carrier rack is straight-forward to fit with black cap silencers and their respective brackets but very complicated with the reverse-cone silencers; the fittings are all in the way of each other. The frame is sturdy and very well-made. One additional complication is that you have to remove either the carrier frame or the shock absorbers to adjust the suspension; the lower frame stay is exactly where the adjusting spanner is designed to clip on. When I camped at the National Rally in Wales in 2015 I left the panniers at the site while touring around. I found it quite frustrating to be on the firm setting with no easy means of adjustment.

Best wishes, Colin Cheney, Leicestershire.


Thanks Colin and all the other responders.

I'll probably go down the Andover Norton route after the TT funds permitting Money mouth

Regards Alan


Hi, I'm also thinking of fitting panniers to my 1972 Commando in preparation of going on holiday with my wife on the back, so the question I have is do the panniers that you get from Andover impede the person on the back, in the photo they have on their web page its hard to see, I did send Andover an enquiry but they couldn't give me a definite answer, you would think if you sell a product you would know about it. Anyway, if anyone has fitted these and could tell me the answer I would really appreciate it.

Thanks for your help, Mick.

My good lady wife and I have just returned from a 2000 mile trip to the Alps and Italian Lakes (would have been longer but took motorail for part of the way back and saved 400 miles). We were on a Mk 111 Commando with ‘L’ style Craven carrier and Craven Comet panniers. The Craven kit did us proud. Bought secondhand out of Roadholder 10 years ago and repainted/replated. My wife advises that she is c 5’8’’ and would have found wider/bulkier panniers a problem when getting on and off the machine.


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