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Dominator Service notes V1.2 Book


I would like to buy the above metioned Book and took note that `if you are a NOC member ` you can get it for £12 . When I go through to payment the price is £30 ! I`ve sent an email to merchandising but had no reply as yet. Anyone put me right on this . Sorry if i`m not on the right forum but this is for my `Heavy Twin ` Dominator 88. Thanks.


I just tried the same process (as an experiment). If I was not logged-in the cost is the non-member price, £30.00 (incl. P&P). If I log-in as a paid-up NOC member the price is £18.00 (incl. P&P).

I would check that you have cleared your web browser (cache) as this can often cause 'issues'.


I sign in as a member, but the only price offered to me is £30 including postage but excluding VAT.

Maybe I’m stupid, but could someone please state the cost to a member, resident in the United Kingdom including VAT and Postage? Or do I need to go through the process of making an order before this info will be revealed?  I’m confused. Thanks for being there you lot. All the best and have a good Christmas.

Thanks Mark . Problem was resolved by Andy Linton (merchandising). I thought I was logged in but when I tried again the next night it all worked ! Awaiting arrival of books and hoping I get them before our holiday !


This book can be purchased at half price £12, if you become a member of the Club.


Price for me as a member, logged in and with a UK address is £30 +VAT! ?


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