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1954 ES2 shock absorber


Hi all,

I am in a quandary deciding what type and size  shocks I should buy for my 1954 ES2. The ones I have on when the motorcycle is up on its centre stand measure 13” centre to centre. That’s mounting bolt hole to mounting bolt hole. But is that the correct way to measure them. I don’t suppose that when up on the stand the shocks are at their longest or shortest for that matter. The ones I found in the NOC spares are either longer or shorter!

Can someone shed some light please on this matter?

Best regards and thanks,

Albert Pisani








My 1954 ES2 is fitted with the original Armstrong units and these measure 12 5/8" C/C, when on the centre stand.  There is no load on them as the front wheel is on the ground, so this is the extended length.

My 1955 ES2 has later Girling units which are longer, at 12.9".  The back wheel is just clear of the ground because the stand pivot bolts are worn, and the longer suspension units exacerbate this.



For the pre F/bed: Wide line too long and Slimline too short.  Please take note.

I bought the correct size / length from NJB in Essex. (England)  Norman will fix you up.

5 years later and all going well.


Good Luck,





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