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Handlebar risers


Has anyone got any recommendations for handlebar risers to put on a Mk3 Roadster?

I need to bring the bars up and back a bit to cope with a weak shoulder. 

Any suggestions gratefully received.


Jay D


Rather than mess with handlebar risers, why don't you just fit slightly higher handlebars? I guess Roadster 'bars would do just what you want and will look so much tidier.




I fitted risers to our Atlas which has straight bars , to give the cables a better run . I used some from Demon Tweeks  but had to do some  Fetling to the shape, needed 3 pairs of hands and some special bolts as modern stuff is all metric! . May be a better option somewhere else.


When I got my Mk2 850 Roadster about 30 years ago I found that it was too much of a stretch for me to the bars and also I wanted them higher and angled back. I bought some new bars from what was then Fair Spares which did the job and are still in place now. When I later asked what they were from I was told that they were Interpol bars. I don't think that they are available any more, but well worth looking for alternatives, including from other makes of motorcycles, rather than risers.


When I started assembling the parts for building the Mk3 Commando Interpol with its 3-piece CLP fairing, Interpol bars were not available anywhere.  These bars are slightly narrower and pull back at more of an angle (grip angle) than than standard European and Roadster bars, as they need to clear the fairing.  I asked A/N if the drawing still existed and if it did, whether it would be possible to get bars made for me.  The answer was yes, the drawing was held by A/N, and they agreed to get some made, which I was really grateful to them for.  The resulting bars are precisely what I had been hoping for and exactly the original profile - very pleased with them.


I talked to AN today who were really helpful. Apparently a good answer to the problem is to swap the handlebars for the Semi Western version (part no 06-1046).  They sweep back a bit more than the Interpol version, which stay lower to get round the fairing.  I think I will look at these first. I can always add risers later if they don’t come back far enough. Thanks all for your ideas.

Cherrs Jay


Thanks Jason,

These risers are on my 650 ss bitsa and my poor man's Manx.

They are home made from solid stainless and rise the Norton Stainless flat bars from RGM. The rise is 1 1/2 inches, improves riding position (IMHO) but an improvement on cable routing.

No new threads are required, just longer screws (Allen's) I bought from Middleton's, stainless of course.

If you are making risers such as these, remember to keep the tollerences tight. I have found no difference with regard to handling @ 1 1/2 inches rise. Only reason for me  not using risers is with regard to my original bikes but that is for the rider and you don't really notice them anyway.

Good luck,



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