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Hello i am looking for buy this tipe of handle bars suitable for disk brake .

do know someone tipe or identification  number ?





Have a look at these - from my list of jobs to do I wanted wider bars for my Mk3.

# Handlebars Need at least 5” rise - width is not too bad at 27”

Buy item HB310  £23.90 (RGM) 

Match up with 061046 semi western CHECK THIS!!!

OK = New handlebars fitted 


If your Commando is a Mk2A then the part number for the handlebar is 06 2405. For a Mk3 its 06 5748. Available  from Norvil, Andover Norton or RGM.



Brian these are higher and wide too much i thing that i have now on my commando these

iam looking for same lower and narow but useble for disk brake




Pic looks to be a Mk 1 850 to me.

I’ve just bought new bars for mine.

Decided the original semi western were  too high so bought the Mk3 European bars which I’ve found give a good riding position. The original bars are rather high up and mean you experience more wind buffeting.

Hope this helps.



Alan yes i sometime ride fast and on my commando is too windy :-) my bars i think are us version .

Tim thanks for info i have mk2.




mistake sorry mk1 year 73


Be careful, the MK3 was fitted with two types of handlebar for european market, some had the later Majorca bars. 

Then there is the interpol handlebar, similar to 06.1046 but slightly different in height, we believe they are like this to clear the fairing. 

However, most customers buy the 06.1046 bars as they find them more comfortable. AN supply a PDF with all the handlebar dimensions, width, height, pull back, free to anyone who wants it.


Ashley, could the PDF with handlebar dimensions be published in the tech database section of the AN website?

I've just counted 17 different types of traditional bars (including ones for Triumphs, etc.), so ready availability of the data might save everyone a lot of to-ing and fro-ing.

Incidentally, and to satisfy my idle curiosity, what on earth is part DN0236? Despite its name, it's obviously not a handlebar in the sense of this thread:


Just to confuse things, one set of handlebars  for interstate may not be suitable for the roadster due to the seating position which is further back on the interstate.


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