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Navigator Steering Stops


Hi all,

I am having trouble with the LH steering stop on my 61/62 Navigator (7" Roadholders fitted). The LH stop allows the pinch bolt to contact the frame nose guard and press it onto the fuel tank. I also notice that the steering lock stop plate, 23378, has an odd shape, I would have thought the bottom would have been symetrical. Also the stops on the yoke are not the same. Perhaps a previous owner has altered them.

Anyone got a bare frame and yoke they could post pics of, please.




I have removed the plate and it looks like an out of shape version of the one in the shop.

Can any one explain the odd shape as the bottom yoke looks symetrical and I would expect the forks to travel the same each side.



Hi Stan. 1) Your steering stop is out of shape. 2) I need a photo looking upwards, of your bottom yoke. 3) Also your engine & frame numbers will help - year of bike?

The steering stop 'U' shape should be symmetrical, and suits the pre-'63 7" wide forks. The shape of the stop will not be the same both sides, to match the forks.

Hence I need the photo to figure out what is going on




Thanks for the reply, I had actually figured out it was well out of shape and that as I don't have access to a forge and anvil these days the cost of gas to heat it and reform it would cost as much as a new one. So one has arrived, was tested, painted and got fitted this afternoon - all good now.

I just wondered why the two sides were not the same shape as one is deeper than the other and to me not logical as the yoke looks symetrical and I expect the forks to turn the same both ways.

Anyway, 1961 with 7" forks, all sorted and thanks,



I don't recall there being the part shown among what I laughingly call my Electra project-in reality (still) a pile of bits and boxes, and currently in deep storage pending a hopeful house sale and move. The log book gives an original registration date of 16/3/1964, and frame/engine # 1224. Should this bike have 7" or 7 3/8" forks, if earlier I will need to order from the NOC shop.

Your forks are symmetrical UNDERNEATH the lower yoke - have a look, and there will be two bump stops in the same place underneath on both sides. The Featherbed frame steering stop thus is the same on both sides. See picture below.

Lord only knows why the lower yoke is assymetrical, forcing the Navi steering stop to be different both sides.

steering Stem

Hi Michael

This part does not exist on the Electra.

The bottom yoke is symmetrical, and the steering stop takes the form of a welded piece (often broken off) on the back of the lower headstock - at the rear of the lower head bearing - see photo of mine attached (inc repair I had to make):



Thank you Andy, good to know I don't need that part. Also your uptank (!) shot is very good, from what I recall last time I saw my frame it had this welded item in situ.

I believe I have 7" yoke and stem stashed away in that pile of bits, I think that's correct for this bike?

Hi Mike 

I think the Electra had 7 3/8 yokes ( mine does ) identified by an extra hole in the top yoke for a lock. I am sure  Andy will give the expert advice.



Sorry for wandering off course a bit here. Have dug out my recently acquired Plumstead Electra Parts List, which only gives one # for the top yoke, 030027. Norvil and A/N both show this # to be the 7 3/8" item, which as Stanley says above has the additional hole in it for the steering lock. Oddly, my parts list makes no reference to this lock! But at least I'm (fairly!) certain my Electra needs the later, wider yokes and related sliders! Needn't have painted up a set of 7" yokes. Sigh...oh well, will come in handy for the '61 88!


More on the forks.

Just to confirm. The welded-on steering stop is for the 7 3/8" forks, with the steering lock to the right of the steering stem (unlike the later Commando forks - still 7 3/8" - where the steering lock is ahead of the steering stem).

Early Electras still used the 7" forks, and for those you need the 'U' shape assymetric steering stop.

Is that clear??



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