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Dished Pistons


Atlas dished (concave) pistons……are they available? I need a std pair for a rebuild.



Some time ago I saw a foreign site (Dutch?) advertising obscure pistons, including Atlas dished ones, at considerable expense.

My Atlas is running Commando pistons as that's all I could get hold of at the time. They work, but I would be happier with a lower compression ratio.


Might be a bit big but I nearly bought a dished piston (19S) for my big bore ES2 about 18 years ago from Bantam John.

Bantam John bought up all Martin Bratby's piston business.


I may have a contact with some that need valve recesses to be machined to make them a pair   , give me a few days to get in contact 


Occasionally a single dished Atlas piston turns up on EBay, but you could wait a long time to get a pair together… My Atlas also runs on Commando ones, but has a 2mm compression plate fitted under the barrel, which reduces the compression ratio a little. I think some people fit two head gaskets for the same reason. 


I have some brand new complete sets of standard Hepolite Atlas 7.6.1 pistons. 

Hi Anthony, could I please purchase a pair from you?

My email is if you would like to contact me with a price etc etc 

Many thanks 


Hi Anthony, I would like a pair of +.020" Atlas pistons if you have some available?

Many thanks, hopefully.


I will have to go and have a look to see if i have a pair of +20 Atlas pistons. 


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