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Calendar deliveries

Hi ,   I'm  curious   as to what organisation  is tasked with the delivery of our calendars.. I think in my area its Hermes for  parcels,  Although I live in a leafy suberb  of one of the worlds largest cities (London) and have been confined indoors since  mid December  neither my orriginal order or its replacement  have turned up !!. My attempts to communicate meaningly with  couriers have failed. Perhaps you can fire a more targetted broadside from your position.    I was particularly interested in the cover picture as not only does it depict my favourite very odd bike ,but  that could be me in the picture as I used to commute daily to Regent St on my DL !!!.  The problem is likely due to covid staff sickness  at Royal Mail so please don't post any further replacements with them till  things settle.


Hi Robert

Sorry to learn that your Calendar hasn't been delivered yet. Unfortunately you're probably spot on with your diagnosis of the problem. Could we ask you and any other members in the same postition to alert our Calendar Manager, David at who can arrange a replacement?



My usual friendly postie has told me that  returning to work she has found utter chaos .  But she will sort MY  problem.  Good to have friends.


The Calender has arrived,     A fantastic  high quality item full of  wonderfull  pictures ,  and a story attached to each machine ,    very well done ,   I am immensly impressed . what a club we have.


Agreed Robert. An excellent quality item. The Calender team are to be commended.


And thanks to my postie who dived into a mountain of  late post just for me !. and arranged a one off  special trip to my house . May have to give her a ride (when the wife is out).


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