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Model 18 (1939) rim and wheel specifications


Hi there,

Can I please request some expert help?

I have a 1939 model 18 and I would like to know the following specifications:

What are the front and rear wheel sizes? Am I correct in thinking they are 19’s?

What are the correct tyre sizes? My reference suggested 27’ x 3’ front and 27’ x 3.25’ rear - is this the equivalent to 19 x 3.25?

Who are the best suppliers of these tyres?

During 1939 were the rims chrome with black and red paint or solid black?

BTW This bike has an off-side brake which I believe was unique to the 1939 model - mentioned just in case it alters the above response.

Thanks and kind regards,



Norton continued to use the earlier tyre size references for some time after many other makes and referred to both front and rear as 26" x 3.25" with rim size 19" x more recent terminology, this is indeed a 19" x 3.25" tyre.

The wheels are interchangeable and were unaltered for 1939 but the brake drum changed as the speedo drive thread was reversed.

The 1939 brochure lists the rims as "Chromium plated, black centres lined with red".

Vintage Tyres web-site is a useful reference and I've always found them very good to deal with.


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