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Only 2 gears part 3


I have just restarted work on this gearbox due to my catching Covid19 but I am through it now. I am lucky that I had at least 2 vaccinations before I contracted this virus.

I reassembled the gears after looking through Mick Hemming's DVD but when I rotate the rear wheel [with the inner cover off or even when on] the box jams. I have looked very carefully at the DVD so I am happy all gears are facing the correct direction on their respective shafts. I noticed after removing the primary shaft and lay shaft that the cam plate appears to be at an angle relative to the quadrant. The gearbox and engine are in the frame.

Can I remove the cam plate while it is still in the frame? What is the best method for stopping the cam plate rotating when I undo the cam plate bolt

Thanks for any help you can give and keep wearing that mask.

Many thanks Roger




Hi Roger

Happens to many of us! [Ask me how I Know!!]

In addition to the brilliant Mick Hemmings DVD, there's a great article, just put something like 

"AMC Norton Gearbox Overhaul", (Brian Chrichton interviewing Mick)into your search engine and you can print it, if you wish.

In answer to your question; yes you can remove the camplate, but I would prefer to leave it held by the plunger.

Carefully withdraw the gear cluster and start again;

Ensure the camplate is timed, plunger in 4th gear indent on camplate.

Quadrant arm level with top right shell stud. Fit the inner cover and try all 5 indents [gears and neutral] without gear cluster. Ensure sufficient clearance at each end of the long slot. Remove inner cover. 

Gear Cluster: Sleeve gear pinion in place, turn camplate to Neutral.

Note the small flange on Layshaft 4th fits towards layshaft bearing.

You've probably fitted the selectors and other gears many times.

Ensure Layshaft 1st gear which engages with kickstart ratchet is snugly meshed with 1st Mainshaft gear. Lift laysheft and waggle

All should slide together without any forcing. [If not, start again].

Before fitting Outer Cover, select 2nd gear

With the one I've just done the large gearchange Return Spring was too tight on the boss

of the outer cover. Parts do vary from supplier to....

Ensure the gearchange Hairpin / Pawl Spring is correctly positioned, only 1/32" at each side of the Pawl and straight leg upermost. [crucial].

You are permitted a LIGHT tap on end of shafts at each stage.

Hope this helps






Hi Tim and thanks for your comments, My problem is the cam plate is not parallel to the pawl, in other words the clearance at the bottom of the cam plate is greater at the lower end than it is at the top. In the workshop manual and Mick's DVD show it as being parallel to the pawl.




Hi Roger

Yes the camplate must be vertical above the camplate plunger.

I cannot imagine the force required to disturb it.

Looks like the camplate will have to come out to examine it properly.


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