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electronic ignition etc Navigator


Hello, i have recently bought a 1961 Navigator, YUH35, previously owned for 4 or 5 years upto 1999 by Terry Brock. This is my first British bike (apart form a couple of basket cases decades ago that were passed on in the same state). It hasn't run for probably 10 or so years. First thing i will do is sort out the electrics: i will make a new loom, change from zener and rectifier to reg/rect, simplify the wiring to the 3 pole switches, convert to negative earth and fit a Pazon system. Does anyone know if the Altair will fit/work, i have tried emailing them but no answer. Or, would anyone recommend anything else?

Also, and i know it cannot be known for sure, but is it likely that the dreaded rotating gearbox bush would have been pinned or Loctited by Terry?


Hello Adrian,

I converted my Navigator to 12 volts by using a tow phase stator from a Norton Commando. I also uesd a Boyer ignition with a special ignition pickup plate for the lightweights. it is bigger in diameter than the ones for Commando etc.

Pazon offers the Sure fire kit for the Lightweights.Found it on their website





Hi Adrian,

Was your bike in Yorkshire before you bought it? If it's the bike I'm thinking of you would do well to get a new wiring loom. Buying one ready made will save you a lot of time.

Can't think of any advantage in changing to positive earth unless you want to charge mobile phones and run SatNav.  The Pazon electronic ignition runs on 12 volts pos or neg earth. They used to offer 6 volt systems but there are great advantages of 12 volts over 6 volts.

Reg/Rec is a good idea. Just connect both outputs from the alternator to the AC terminals.

Get a copy of the Navigator wiring diagram and you will soon see how to simplify things by going to Reg/Rec. The Navigator never left the factory with a ZENER diode for voltage control.

What you call three pole switches are actually three position switches. They do a lot more than 3-pole switches. The AC outputs from the alternator are switched on/off depending on which combination of emg/i and sides/headlights are selected. Also a resistance wire in the loom. All is obvious in the circuit diagram. A new loom will have new switch sockets. Add two new switches (lighting and ignition are identical except for the knobs) and you will be well ahead of the common problems with corroded internal switch contacts and harness connections to the switches.

Never heard of "the Altair". Google didn't help me either.

Does the engine run?

Sounds like a good winter project.



Peter-Several anomalies in your words. Ready made original loom is not particularly useful. IF you are changing the charging system (from 6V to 12V) and fitting electronic ignition (both very worth while) too many alterations. Certainly a rewire is needed though. (I do a wiring kit). Agree with Peter on NEGATIVE earth, ok for sat navs. Useful (but not essential) for LED. Also useful if you have several other modern bikes on Negative earth. Other wise not good when you sell it on-new owner will expect POSITIVE earth. As you say Peter the Navi never had a Zener as original, BUT nothing wrong with Zeners provided they are at the right voltage. They need checking with a DC power supply. I can do this. (Zeners no longer made, so we are using what is about)                                           Correct on switches-they are 3 Way. Altair used to make horns?


it came from the West Country, Peter

when changing to reg/rect, it simplifies the wiring so much that i shall just make my own loom, so few wires

re switches, the wiring diagram on page 61 of the Compendium is very helpful, and it appears to show the switches as 3 pole changeover, unless i have misinterpreted

i will also common up the supply to the side/tail/speedo light with the supply to the handlebar switch, so only one pole of each switch is used, keeps it all simple

re Pazon, it just seems strange that the Altair digital system is on their website, but they don't answer questions about it and no one over here seems to stock it


The switches are 1 pole 3 position. As per my web site                                                                    a o services                     When making your own loom be careful of the wiring colours. Original is one system. Post 1963 is another system which cover ALL British vehicles from 1963 ie all Nortons Triumphs etc if you follow that scheme then each wire is known what it does-you do not need a diagram nor does the next owner of the bike.


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