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RITA advance behaviour


I have set my RITA as usual at 30BTDC with the 5mm spacer provided with the kit. But is this usually accurate enough or should I strobe it? Are there many of these around...and is over advance at high revs a recognised issue? I can't hear any pinking...but at 70mph I can't hear many details...


You should strobe it, they almost always need a small adjustment. And, if possible, check the timing marks in the primary chaincase with a degree disc from TDC.

There should be plenty of RITAs still around. They're very reliable


Do check with a strobe. The idea that they advance further than needed was true but only an issue if you went wailing about at 7000 with high compression, ie racing. For road use on the Commando the Mistral Eng figures was always a bit retarded to take into account above, but if you were a roady/tourester then you got a better mid range performance by advancing a little.

I still repair these if needed.


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