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961 Mk II wiring loom

As a very long shot does anyone know of the existence of a wiring loom for a Mk II 961 which is looking for a good home, please?

If so I would love to hear from you it might be the answer to all my problems (see Forum Topic 961 Total loss of power any ideas, please? )

Many thanks


Hi Stuart. Thanks for taking an interest.

I have what I am led to believe is a Mk I 961 that was converted by the factory prior to sale to meet E4 regulations and which has a component inserted between the tilt sensor and the ECU which by a process of elimination seems to be the cause of bike not firing. It appears that no archive records of the conversion exist and thus identification of the component is proving difficult. I am advised that one way to sort the problem is to replace the MK I wiring loom with a Mk II.

As you may gather I am not an expert in this area and am being led by the dealer who currently has my bike for repair.


Sorry, I try to check in on here at least once a week,  but as traffic is pretty slow, I often forget for a couple of weeks. Then when I do drop in,  there's suddenly loads to catch up on! I'll try harder in future. 

Nah,  no conversion or adaptions were done at factory (apart from the SC to euro3 Omex patch harness)....its either a euro three bike or a euro four bike. 

If the tilt switch is suspect, just unplug it and try with it disconnected.

They also had issues with tilt circuits. Any pictures of your current set up?


Just to confirm,  what's actually I followed the link to the original thread, which suggested a total loss of power. I skimmed through the replies, a bit of banter, some chat and some of the usual 961 bashing.... but not much more? Ive just had a mk1 in for repair, just yesterday. Had two intermittent electrical concerns.  Traced one to a poorly crimped and corroded main earth terminal, which I soldered to correct.  And also a loose pin grip on the main ignition fuse holder terminals. This was shown as scorching on the fuse blades.  I tweaked the terminals for that,  and now everything is happy again. Busy day yesterday, three 961's sorted and ready to go back to their homes.


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