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Headlight Bracket rattle


Hello all,

Re-joining member here. A couple of weeks ago I treated myself to a 1972 750 short stroke wafted on by the late great Mick Hemmings. She has an Alton, 14" Norvil disc and a few other goodies fitted.


She runs beautifully but the headlight brackets are not the best fit in the yokes and rattle quite badly. I've tried a careful application of clear silicone as a temporary fix bur it won't stay in place.


I think I need O Rings part number 03,3281. Andover says X 6 and shows them on the exploded diagram but it's not clear.


Could someone please tell me how many of these I need and where best to fit or is there a better homemade solution?




Hi Shaun,

2 at the bottom and 1 at the top on each side (6 required in total), bit of a faff to fit, i fit them as i pass the legs through the yokes as this stops them becoming dislodged.

Andover part no. 03.3281

RGM part no. 990502

Kind regards,


Be aware that if you have repainted your yokes any excessive build up of primer/paint on the the center flats of the yokes where they meet the headstock will not allow the yokes to be drawn to each other sufficiently to adequately grip the headlamp bracket tubes even with the proper size and amount of o - rings . Ask me how I know ....



I gave up using the o-rings and cut-out a couple of rings made out cork gasket and clamped these between the bracket and the top yoke. Much easier to fit and works just as well.


Hello all,


I’ve fitted the 6 x o rings, two at the bottom and one at the top and they’re nice and firm now. Trouble is it hasn’t cured the rattle!


Perhaps “rattle” isn’t the best description, I suppose it’s a metallic “chirruping” coming from the front end. It’s definitely not the engine or the mudguard. Could it possibly be coming from inside the forks?


Really baffled now, any thoughts out there?






Hi John and thanks for your reply,


Definitely not pads as the noise is still there when applying front brake steadily, although my pads do rattle a bit at standstill as I have a 14” Norvil brake fitted.   

I’ll keep trying to pin it down…




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