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Rear rim change


Hi all, I’m going from 19 inch rear wm2 rim  and tt100 to 18inch wm3 Devon stainless rim and Avon roadrider as everybody seems very impressed with the combo. I’m doing another set of wheels so I can change back if ever I want I’ve done the front wheel and have got the rear spoked up but can someone tell me the measurement to centre of rim to achieve the correct offset please .




There is a comprehensive offset datasheet in RGM's technical section on their website, you will need to measure the width of the wm2 and wm3 rims and use 1/2 the difference on the RGM data.


With more tyres in 19'' rear available these days I am surprised that no wheel manufacturer wants to make a WM3 or WM4 in 19'' pierced to the Norton pattern, this would allow more of the tyres available to be fitted and even the Roadrider to fit the rim better as it would be nearer the optimum rim width. 


I have built Nortons with WM3 x 19" rims before now. The tyres sit much better on wider rims especially as modern tyres are geared towards stiffer sidewalls.

Devon rims happily supply them drilled correctly but do charge extra because it is "not standard"




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