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Mk2A Commando 1st gear lever travel


Hi All, I've noticed that 1st gear lever travel is quite a bit more than when I select 2nd gear(about 50% more) is there something that can be done to reduce the amount of travel when "going down the 'box"?

I do have a reduced movement in my right foot which I'm hoping will improve, but if I can reduce the travel it should help.



Yes,I thought about that Robert, however, the footrest is in the right place at the mo'.

Do you know where I might get a shorter lever from?( I could cut & shut my one, but will prob' need it for when/if I convert to roadster spec.

I will mention that the bike is a Norvil replica, so head down arse up, long tank,single seat, clip-ons & rearsets & reverse gear lever & camplate, so still 1 up, 3 down.

I've been thinking about going back to roadster spec & I think this is just confirming that my 69yr old legs/ankles ain't what they use to be!

Cheers mate



I had a similar problem on  a  250 Ducati.  could not get  proper riding boots to work  ,I eventually resorted to a rocking pedal  .  Its all made worse  with a bike that has a stretched out riding position .  Time to get sensible  if you want to continue to enjoy  your rides. At 75  its something  I know all about.


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