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Rocker spindle


Good morning all.  I've been doing some work on the cylinder heads of my Navigator.  I see that the "inner pillars" that support the rocker spindles have top hat shaped bushes pressed in to place, see photos.

Any ideas on the purpose of these bushes? 



Hi John,

Only a guess - but as that end is only splash lubricated, it was decided to have a replaceable bush there in case anything went wrong - better then scrapping the head. In reality, i've never seen any issues there in any engine i pulled apart.


I cannot see the need for lubrication here. 

I wonder if "fretting" may have been a problem, the clamping of the spindles isn't that positive.  I have six heads here, all are a reasonable fit on the spindle, so probably not fretting.

Another thought that it was a way of rescuing a manufacturing mistake, the bush is in the parts list, so, again probably not.


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