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Electra frame assembly


Can anyone help a new Norton owner with information on how to assemble an Electra frame.

The frame is complete but the studs and spacers came in a bucket of rusty parts, I intend to make new studs and nuts from stainless steel but it would be a great help if I could get some information on the position and size of the required spacers. Pictures would be a great help as would contact with a local (Leicestershire) Electra owner.

Also any information on swinging arm bushes.



I got a manual published originally by Floyd Clymer and reprinted by Veloce Press when I bought my Electra called Twin Cylinder Manual for the Unapproachable Norton Motorcycle. Fig 54 is an exploded view of a lightweight frame. It's not very good but shows there is a parts list somewhere (not in this manual) and gives at least an oversight of what a lightweight frame is. 


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Thanks David - I have a photo copy of the maintenance manual which has no information about the frame and I have looked on the owners club site where there is some information on the Navigator frame.

If I could get 2 mounting widths the rest should fall into place.

I assume the RSJ strengtheners go flush against the steering head member then a spacer (1/8" thick) then the frame side member bolted up? The bottom frame side member is attached to lugs at the bottom of the steering head member, are there any spacers there?

Could you check on your Electa and let me know.




Your assumptions about the head stock are correct . There's a picture attached. The bottom of the front member also has the same 1/8" spacers between the front member and the bottom rails. Another picture attached. The other side, the prop-stand mounts on the same through-stud outside the bottom rail.





New stainless engine and frame studs and nuts are for sale in the NOC shop at reasonable prices. See 'Lightweights, stainless' section. Be careful, you may end up buying more parts than you intended. Don't ask how I know!



Daves pictures are clear but not his statement about frame spacers top and bottom of the front frame member.

The lower (2) spacers are the same as Navigator and Jubilee. The (4) upper spacers on Electra are thinner by the thickness of the stiffening plate. The stiffening plate is itself part of the spacer so thinner frame spacers take up the rest.

Get a parts list and you will see the spacers top and bottom have different part numbers. Armed with part numbers from the Electra parts list you can use the photos of Lightweight spares shop on this site to identify some of your spacers, studs and nuts.

I suggest you try to assemble your frame from the rusty bucket so that you become familiar and find what's missing.

Alternatively, sketch your studs and spacers, giving lengths, diameters, and any special features. Post the sketch or photo and I'm sure you will get some knowledgeable suggestions where they fit  or advise that they never fitted an Electra. Some studs differ in length by small amounts, so measure them to mm.

On Dave's second photo I can see that he has a longer engine stud than usual, held by the correct nut. The frame stud going through the spacers looks correct but is fitted with the same full nut as the engine stud. It left the factory fitted with a Nyloc nut. These are fitted on all (6) Lightweight front frame member fixing studs. A parts list will confirm.

Good luck with the project.

Peter Holland


Sorry Gerry about thinking the spacers are the same, thank  you Peter. I was misled by the frame assembly picture I have which is some sort of De Luxe model I think, and not an Electra. My nuts may not be Nyloc but they are Loctited, mostly to keep the water out. 


My Electra is missing the RSJ frame strengtheners. I assume that there is nowhere I can buy them, and so I am measuring up with a view to making them. I am confused by the statement that they go flush with the headstock. How can this be as the top hole bolts onto a boss that stands out by 5/16". Or is the top of the triangular part of the RSJ cranked out to accommodate this?


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