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961 Tank

Hi all,

My Dad's 2013 Sport tank has been attacked by the dreaded Ethanol and has severly bubbled the paint over the last year.

Shot in the dark, but has anyone got a 961 Fuel tank for sale, or know of anyone who can help with this ?

Kind regards,



Had the same problem four years ago with bubbling on my yellow standard HDPE 961 Sport tank (2012 model). Ordered a new tank from the old company which took some months to be ready for collection at Donington. Finished in a good matching sunburst yellow it cost 600 quid odd. Still have the old tank but not much good to you !

Since then I always syphon out the tank if bike is going to be unused for more than a month and have not had a problem with paint bubbling thus far.

The old company also used to offer an aluminium tank option for the 961 which a number of owners have gone for , although it was pricey to say the least.


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