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Brass TT carburetter


My 1949 500 Norton inter was exported to Argentina early in January 1949.I believe it is reasonably correct, except that it is fitted with a brass TT carburetter. There are no discernable numbers on flange of this carburetter, indeed it works fine. Would this have been a standard fitting on this year of inter, or was fitted for export?


AMAL carburettor settings and spare parts list 1940 to 1954 states that all inters 1946-54 has T10TT carburettors. So I'd guess yours is correct.


Is a bit unusual. Mine is a brass TT but is marked as a 10TT 34 (year) on the top right of the flange and builders marks on the individual components;Valve block, body and cap. 


All the books say that Model 30 Inters from 1945 to 1954 were fitted with a T10TT carby. I have one so marked. It is brass and 2 1/2'' from the needle to the face of the flange, it has a brass float bowl with a bottom feed 14/064 and the mixing chamber locking device is the screw and plunger type. The one I have has a short bell mouth as in the Amal Specs. I hope this helps you. PS The second T in the T10TT is hard to read on mine.


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