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Events Van - secure parking space required

WANTED – a secure parking space for the club's Events Van


With the rejigging of our Events Officer’s role, a secure parking spot for our Events Van, a 6m long high-top Mercedes Sprinter is now needed.


Ideally, the location should be within or pretty close to the ‘square’ of the M4, M5, M6 and M1, and be reasonably ‘out-of-sight’, j.i.c!! A farm-yard or similar would be perfect. Inside storage would be wonderful, but is not necessary.


Access to the van by the Events Officer or NOC designated driver needs to be reasonably easy, and they will probably want to be able to leave their ‘arrival-vehicle’ where the van was parked until returning the van to base, usually 2-4 days after collection. Notice of impending collection will be given by phone or eMail


All the van’s paperwork will be kept in legal order by the Van Manager the NOC is appointing, so the provision of a parking spot will not involve the owner in any of the van’s administration or maintenance, MoT, insurance, road-tax / SORN etc.


Provision of a sufficiently nearby 13 Amp socket to be able to run a trickle-charger from would be a welcome bonus, otherwise there will be an adequate set of jump-leads in the van to ensure starting from the arrival vehicle if necessary.


A spare-key can be provided in case the van needs to be moved at any time.


If you can help your club in this regard, please contact Peter Scatchard (, or phone / text 07775 631 044 if you can help.


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