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Oil pressure swifch


Hi all where can I pick up the oil pressure light switch banjo and adaptor.


Wasn’t someone offering a system some months ago?


Hi Steve

That's the one I want,let me know when you have one for sale.



I've used these oil pressure switches on several bikes over the years.  A great idea to use them.

A word of caution, the smaller ones use one of three different sizes of thread.

1/8" BSP 28TPI,    1/8" NPT 27 TPI,  M10 x 1 25.4 TPI.

Visually they look to be the same, measuring the outside diameter might not be conclusive in separating the imperial from the metric.  Check with a thread gauge.   The heavy handed will get the BSP and NPT to screw together.......... 


Don Pender also sells a take off electrical sensor ( from timing cover outlet to rockers ) which triggers an indicator light for low pressure warning. $30.


Get a long oil switch, grind the shaft down and retap a thread, screws directly into any of the three banjo bolt positions.DIY option amend a long oil switch to screw directly into any banjo position.


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