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Broken side stand bracket


Hi, my side stand bracket snapped tonight. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a replacement bracket? Thanks in advance.


Hello Friend now send this to me And I make it  better then new  Email  annajeannette@btinternet,com  yours  anna J  

Ian  you have no idea on welding  cast steel  weld can be better then the original steel  the art is getting the right amount of heat in to the material  I have been welding since I was 16 that 51 years  you can tell me anything about welding   I started at a shipyard  back in 1967  welding Gas Mig Tig And Arch welding    and Hot riveting  and forging plus black smithing,  I can make this stand better then new and I challenge anyone to do any better,   Yours  Anna J      

Hello Kevin Were in East Yorkshire  at Howden Not Far from Goole  Where SHIPS were Built  just email me  and I send my address  yours Anna J


My Mercury stand broke like this a few years ago.  So, when RGM introduced their new side stand I bought one and was most impressed with the quality and finish of it.  I've had this fitted for over 5 years and can recommend them.

Hello  I done one even better  then any Norton stand you can buy  I fitted a ZZR Chrome  Stand And it will not twist or move  As I made a Stainless steel plate  to fit at the back of the engine and fits to the engine plates  and bottom frame tube and a stainless steel clamp  in rubber  to the frame  ti will nos shift any were  cost me only 25 quid  and Not the rip off prices     Yours Anna J  


Can you post photos, Anna? £25 sounds good, but another 3 hours of skilled labour to design and fabricate the brackets could easily come to well over £150 for other mortals, with no guarantee of success.


Hello all I cannot show you any photos as I am trying to use this smart phone but there On the NOC web site as this. Topic as come up before now yours Anna j



Hello all if any of you need any welding done and alloy welding to my address .Kilpins Country Club main Rd Belby Howden East Yorkshire DN14 7UZ  yours Anna j                      PS only charges will be at cost to me no labour charges will be charged Ok


Is the bracket made of cast iron or cast steel.

There is a world of difference between the two when it comes to welding.



This is the reason that Norton Matchless Divison, designed and produced a much stronger, wider and thicker prop stand lug, with an 035 part number in 1968. Norvil, sell the better and stronger prop stand lug. The reason that this bracket lug can break is that some owners will try to start their twins on the prop stand. These prop stand lugs would break all the time. Many a frame that has been returned from North America has had that lug welded to the lower frame rail.


It would be so much safer for you to buy a new side stand bracket.


My side stand (on a ES2) let go once and the bike fell in top of a brand new Triumph something-or-other. Not much damage - if any - to the Triumph but a smashed headlamp, headlamp rim and reflector for the Norton.

You have to ask "what's it worth?"


Hi Phil, will you please tell me where the side stand fits, I presume on the near side lower frame rails but either the engine or chain case gets in the way?

Regards Roger



Have a look at this website, it's got lots of good photos.



I bought a side stand from Andover Norton for my 1960 Dommie 99. I got it from AN as I thought it would be a good fit but it’s not. When I fit it with the bracket leaning against the engine plate (as advised in the instructions), the bike leans over at such an alarming angle that it looks like it will fall onto its left side. To get to a ‘sensible’ lean angle, I’ve had to twist the stand bracket around the frame rail so that there is a 1.8mm gap between the back of the stand bracket and the engine plate. I now have to work out how to fit a 1.8mm spacer plate between the stand bracket and the engine plate (I don’t have welding gear). Side stands are useful but even buying from ‘the better supplier’ isn’t necessarily an easy solution!



Hi Tony,

If the stand leg is at too large an angle to the frame it lets the bike heel over too far as you describe.

All you need to do is remove the leg and build up the stop with weld to prevent the leg from opening too far. It helps if you add too much weld and keep dressing it off between trials to get the correct bike angle. Much easier than trying to adjust the mounting bracket.





Never having really developed any welding skills I gave my old arc welding unit to my middle aged son and told him to practice and learn.  Surprisingly he did just that and so my  orriginal 1960 side stand is now  usefull for the first time in 60 years , the centerstand has new thicker feet (old car brake pads) and the underframe abutment pads have been built up so the bike does not drop overcenter too much and is easier for this old guy to operate.   Result!!.  get a cheap welder and learn ,  You will be glad. 


Hello All- I do love the help we give each other. (I am even a particular fan of Anna's comments too- They are so to- the- point, even if she doesn't waste time on niceties! ) So I have a 650ss that has had its side stand bracket tack-welded to the frame. Annoying, but it appears to be in the right place. Nevertheless I really don't like the stubby little original side stand with its badly angled "foot".  Yes, it could use some welding to get it to track/stop a bit straighter to the bike,  but honestly, can't one just modify a nice long later Commando side stand and get something useful, accessible and reliable on there? Has anyone tried this?    Cheers Tristan  


My original side stand failed in the usual place when the cast bracket broke into two pieces. I also did not like the stubby stand, I always was unsure if it would fall over or not..  So I used a late 60’s Triumph/BSA twin stand, which I bought new as Harris still make them and made a bracket that is bolted to the front near side engine plate. It folds away perfectly.

For belt and braces I added an extra engine plate outboard of the front lug, just needed some 1/4 inch stainless spacers and slightly longer front engine mounting bolts ( all available on eBay).  End result for less money than a replacement stand and bracket for your favourite Norton spares supplier is a rock solid and trusty side stand. A real bonus is that I did not have to dismantle the primary transmission to fit it and will not have to in order to maintain it  in the future. 

You may be able to use Tri/BSA stand to fit your welded on bracket, unless your lug is female  - for  a commando stand.


That looks a really great job Edward,  any chance of some more pics of the bracket etc and the stand in the up position?

I have been intending to make something up to fit a spare Velocette propstand to my 350, but I really like what you have done.


Thanks for your comment Niall.

I have attached 3 photos showing - the bits required - before painting the extra engine plate and a slightly more detailed shot of the finished job.  I did not take a shot of the stand folded as it more or less hides behind the exhaust, with only the tip sticking out below the footrest. As much if not more ground clearance than the standard stand.

PM me if you want any more info: I can send you the sizes etc if you want, and I also have the alloy template that I made for the mounting lug (to get the best length and angle for the optimum lean angle), which is no use to me now. 


Some years ago I came up with my own version. I purchased the side stand clamp from RGM and fitted the clamp to the frame tube and braced the clamp to the front frame mount. This was time consuming but the result well worth it. In the pic notice the cut down coach bolt. The round end is all that protrudes from underneath of the exhaust pipe. I can deploy or retract the side stand whilst sitting on the bike.


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Hi Edward,

Like Niall I'm also in admiration of your sidestand.

I have one of those Triumph type stands in the garage. Would you be kind enough to also include me in the additional info. and sizes please? It would make a great improvement project this winter. Many thanks Ian


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