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Navigator current fluctuates and bulbs blow


Newly on the road my 12v Boyer ignition Navigator with a new regulator seems to run fine, but the ammeter indicates a good +ve charge of up to 8amps (6V ammeter though) then will swing to -4 or there about at a highish rev, occasionally flickering wildly before going back to +8 or so. Running in, so not revved very high.

I have checked the stator, 1ohm between any 2, with none going to earth, (exception is 1 pair gives 1.9) with a reasonably good meter on the +ve side of the battery, I get a steady charge of 4 amps or so, up at the ammeter in the headlamp shell, the reading is all over the place.

I have changed one of the switches, and suspect the problem could be the other, but it seems ok in as much as it turns on and off.  Could it be that the switch has a poor connection. Both switches are the Wipac type – one new model seemingly better than the other. The old one has been disassembled and cleaned.

I am also running in daylight with the side light on, but this blows frequently, so is mostly off of course. I suspect this is related.

Any ideas, or is a regulated ammeter supposed to move from +ve to –ve as the battery is charged.






I found that the ammeter in the headlamp shell gets so badly affected by vibration that is it almost meaningless.

If you have a good good digital meter then put that in place of the ammeter and see what that says.

If the regulator is doing it's stuff then you should not get enough volts to blow bulbs. What voltage are you seeing at the bulb?



Ammeters nearly a waste of time, vibration is what they measure not 8 amps as that would soon be killing your battery. You do NOT use a digital meter in place of the ammeter either. Also there will not be any issue with the switches either.

First disconnect the reg/rect make sure the battery is well charged and check out the bike will run for 50 miles plus fine. Short term use of the lights will NOT blow bulbs. So the reg/rect is now suspect as it could easily be over-volts. You could check the battery voltage with a decent analogue meter or a genuine Automotive digital one (cheap digital ones pick up ignition interference and read garbage) 14/15 is the most you want -any more and the regulator is suspect. I can test these. (and supply new ones).

Hello Al,

thanks for your responce, I am a bit dim with electrics, I have changed to 12v so the old ammeter reading 8 amps is not relevent I suspect. As you say it rattles a lot and is not damped so more of a worry meter. Re the bulbs blowing, it is only the side light, all others are ok so may be side light connector - should have considered that. Re the rectifier, I will try a run as you suggest for 10 miles or so with regulator disconected to see if bulb still blows. Re checking voltage, I will have a look and see what the maximum is.





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