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Jubilee mudguard stays


Would anyone know the fixing position of the Jubilee mudguard stay. Such as the distance between the stay and bottom of the forks. Recently resprayed forks, trying not to mark the paint.




Do you have a photo of the front forks? The reason I ask is that on my 1964 Jubilee the bottom front mudguard stay comprises a hooped rod that fits into holes next to the axle and the top fitting is a hoop between the forks. It would help to see if you have the same arrangement.

Also, I found that the hoop between the forks should carry the brake cable but on mine the brake cable did not fit so I have a separate clamp on the fork leg. Fitting the upper hoop clamps over the bottom of the fork legs was a tight fit and scratched the new paint on my bike despite me using tape to protect the fork legs.

If you have the same hoop arrangent I can take some measurements for you.




I attach a photo of my front wheel and forks.

Although the mudguard is non-standard, the stays and hoops are original so they would probably be in the same position if a standard mudguard was fitted.

From the top of the nut securing the bottom stay to the underside of the hoop clamp on the fork leg for the top stay (and brake cable holder) is 5 1/4 inches or 133mm.

I hope that helps.


PS I don't know why the photo is on its side? I could not alter it.


Forgot to mention. Its a 1959 Deluxe with a Deluxe mudguard.




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