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Begonia Rally 2019

Although, as usual, no mention is made in the Events Section, bookings are now being accepted.  Visit the Flanders branch website for details.



anyone travelling to this event via Hull to Zeebrugge? Thinking of going and would be nice to have some company on the ferry. Paul.



Going out on the Rotterdam ferry on the Tue 20th & spending a couple of days in Holland - back to Hull on the Zeebrugge ferry on the Mon 26th


Can anyone please confirm the rules about daylight running headlamps and tail lights in France, Belgium and Netherlands?  Also yellow vests?


David, regarding headlights - Compulsory in France for post-1965 motorcycles. Compulsory in Belgium for all, but no-one's ever been nicked for it. I frequently forget to turn mine on and the Rozzers don't bat an eyelid. No compulsion in Netherlands.

I believe that you have to have a fluo-vest with you in France, certainly not in Belgium and not in The Netherlands either.

Watch out for 'Priority from the Right' in Belgium.


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