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Norton 650SS 1963


Hoping to start complete rebuild of 650SS  next week just fitting nuts on conrod ends with big end shells fitted need torque setting for big end nuts looked for manual could not find can anyone help 





You need the Dominator Service Notes, where it tells you it is 25ft lbs


If you click into our Online Library there is a book “Dominator Technical Directory”.  Page 32 gives you your answer.

Highly recommend a copy at hand during rebuild.



This is the number that is incorrectly given as 35 in the old Haynes manual.  Our suppliers must have made a few bob over the years from selling broken bolts.


Dear Members,

I rebuilt my 1965 650SS completely in 1977 utilising the Haynes manual and can remember torquing up the new big end bolts to the value quoted in that handbook.

The bike was bought for £40 with a con rod that had smashed through the crankcase.

I’ve only had the barrel off once and have not touched any crankshaft items since.

Looks like I have been very lucky. I’ll keep my revs below 4000 now.


Anthony Bolton


RGM, Andover Norton, Norvil etc ought to enclose torque figures with the conrod bolts because of this misprint.  Perhaps they do? Consolation...a bolt that's been tightened without breaking should be safe afterwards.  Should be...


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