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Chain guard mount


Just a small one - should the 'thin washer', as described by AN, be between the guard and the swinging arm as shown or should the guard butt up against it with the washer under the bolt head.

Your comments would be gratefully received.

Thanks   Roger

PS. with the washer as shown the guard rubs up against the brake plate which is why I asked. This is how it was before I took the whole thing apart.


Most times the washer would be fitted under the bolt head or nut.

Old age and heavy use tends to distort parts such as mudguards and chain guards in which case a little fettling might be required to help line them up correctly. In the case of the latter, you may encounter clearance and stress relieving issues. In which case have a few more thin washers handy to fit as needed.

Thanks for that Philip but it's all in pretty good nick. It's just whether the original design had the chain guard butting up to the swinging arm or not really. As I said a small thing but I like to get things right...ish.

Just checked my unmolested '74 850 MK2 which I've owned since new.

The washer is fitted under the bolt head, the bolt head being thinner on the chain guard side perhaps to accommodate this.

Although I note the AN parts list states the same part number for LH and RH lower shocker bolts. But not so on the MK3.


Yet another Commando factory parts list anomaly?




Thanks Gordon. I've just changed mine so it's as you describe and it all fits as it should. Unfortunately my Mk2A had been much molested but slowly slowly it's coming right. Since the attached photo it's got new s/s rims and spokes, tyres, bearings and felts etc., higher bars and a new disc (the old one was cracked). I've pretty much gone though the whole bike but thank goodness the engine seems alright. It looked good when I bought it but it wasn't good at all. Having said that I've enjoyed all the fiddling and I'm nearly there. Just the front sprocket to change and the SU to strip and clean and hopefully cure what feels like chronic lean mixture when the engine is cold.

Thanks again.




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