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correct ammeter for 1955


Possibly a rather niche question, but I need a new ammeter, and would prefer to buy one that looks correct.

I don't seem to have much luck with ammeters, the one on the bike was dead, so I fitted a pattern one, and the needle fell off after a short mileage. 



I think it should be 8-0-8 amps, with a box arrangement on the dial like this one:

Is that correct?


In the factory manual for 1955, its #36084. Just Google 36084 ammeter, there are several suppliers listed. 


to the Lucas 36404. I wonder if it is at all different....

At least, I had the right idea of its apearance.


the two ammeters are the same part.  I bought one, just arrived this pm. I think it's correct, tho' the picture in the factory workshop manual is v small.


I'm here to dispel another myth about Lucas parts.  The ammeter used from 1936 to 1957 was the 36084 CZU27, which has no numerals on it.  Just - and + .  It was used for just about every British bike going.  The only variation was for models with tank panels which used the 36000, which was 2" diameter.  Most reproductions available now are not correct - having numerals on them.

I have extracted the details from my catalogue/leaflet and put them on a Word Doc, which should be attached to this.


I've just done a check on the file I posted and it came up with a nonsense fee-paying file "Ultra File Opener"!  It seems that I'd been hacked, so make sure you avoid them in future!  It was the Devil's own job to get the File Associations back to normal!

Just to make sure, I have converted the docx file to a pdf and posted it here.  It worked when I checked it.


I fitted the 8-0-8 ammeter a few days ago.  I had to shorten the studs on the back, as they interfered with the lower instrument panel.  While doing my experiments, the body fell apart doing some damage to the needle.  Bent back to shape, and I re-assembled the ammeter body using tyre patch cement.  It really is not a strong item at all.  I have doubts it will survive the vibrations of a parallel twin, even a 500.

Your post suggests that this is the correct ammeter:


I had a WD M20 for about 30 years, it's ammetre appeared to be the original from 1941 and it never packed up! Even with girder forks and dirt roads.

My question is, why can't we get ammetres that last that long any more? 

I mean it mustn't cost any more to build a good one than a bad one.

Thoughts anyone? 

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That Fekid link is now gone.  Interestingly no-one seems to be worried that Ammeters with numerals are not as per the Lucas originals.  Not a problem for an "Every Day" bike, but important if you're going for Concours.  If I was a judge I would mark it down! 


I fitted one intended for a Massey Ferguson. You don't get a lot of needle deflection as it is intended for higher currents but it's robust and hasn't fallen to bits.


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