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Dominator Cylinder Head centre bolt(short) washer


I am refitting the head of my '63 650SS and have purchased a stainless short centre bolt and washer from a well known supplier. The bolt is fine but the washer is too wide to fit into the recess in the cylinder head. The washer, part number 016213 is correct in the 1964 spare parts list (part nos 39 and 40) and has an OD of 19.1mm. I have the original bolt which has a integral washer that is part of the bolt and measures 15.9mm OD. This type of bolt appears to be the same as on the engine diagram in the original Norton Twin Cylinder manual that I still have. Another large Norton parts supplier lists washers with the part no above with an OD of 18.6mm. I suspect that this will also be too wide. I have emailed the suppliers of the washer for their opinion and I could reuse the original bolt but I was wondering whether anyone else has come acrosss theis problem and if so what was the solution?


As the bolt is unseen ,Just use the orriginal ,  My experience of stainless bolts is that they can stretch unless the correct steel is used. I would not use them. I would get the orriginal bolts plated.


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