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Petrol leak from flip cap


Hi again everyone, unfortunately my Commando has an Indian tank which fits well it was on the bike when I got it so do not know who supplied it the problem I have is when tank is over half full as it slops around it leaks quite badly out of the flip cap is there a way to tighten these up or should I make or buy a new seal or change the complete cap I have not found any adjustment on the screw in the underneath of the cap helps it turns but does not improve the situation, many thanks Chris


First fix attempt would be a new rubber, second fix new cap but UK made not Indian, 3rd new tank insert or reworking by metal worker but that will require a new paint job.

Cap made by CEANDESS Wolverhampton so ensure this is the maker.


not commando.  but i had a flip cap on one tank i had. it leaked so i fitted a new seal. it didnt cure it. i couldnt see what was wrong .the only thing i could see was the two breather holes in the central spring loaded disc were in line with one another .  so i turned them opposite to one another. that seemed to cure it. not saying thats what it is on yours, just relaying what happened in my case. mind how you go working with petrol. i learnt the hard way.





Leaking petrol caps have blighted my life for years :(  and all my tanks are original, I`ve tried new seals, different seals, thicker seals, 2 seals, new caps, original caps, stronger springs, thicker rubber tube inside the springs, building up the tank lip to get it dead flat, everything I can think of. Still I get petrol leaks. Welcome to Commando life Chris.

Al (sobbing into my Kiora)


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