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Prewar lucas magneto points.


I wonder if someone could advise me how I can stop the locking spring tag being loose so it doesn't stay in the position it should. The spring is held on by what looks like a washer on a peg so there is no means of tightening it. There is an indentation underneath this spring tag and on the body of the points themselves is a small round blanked hole, it appears that something should maybe sit in this hole so the locking spring in then under tension. Is this correct? Just can't work out what is wrong. This is the ring cam type. Any help much appreciated.


Hi Nicholas.

What you need is the securing pip that sits in the small counter bore of the points pivot. The attached photos show the securing pip and the pip's position with the points plate. I couldn't find a spare pivoting part of the points on which the pip sits to add to the photo.  As far as I remember original pips were made of tufnol but modern replacements are plastic. I don't know where they can be bought as a separate item, I think they are only available as part of a contact set. The points items for the pre-war single ring cam magnetos are the same as the K1F & K2F post war magnetos.

Regards, Nick


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