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16h valve timing?


I have restored a 1937 16h and it is not starting! It coughs and fires but won’t quite catch. It seems to be spitting fuel out the back of the carb over the oil tank - is that normal? I wondered if I may have the valve timing incorrect?



The valve timing on these engines is set-up 'on the rock' and the overlap causes quite a lot of blowback when the engine is turning slowly.

What is the history of the carb ? Have you had the jet block out and cleaned every possible drilling ? The symptoms sound very much like a blockage in the pilot airways.


Thanks Richard,

i'll have a look at it over the w/end. Carb is used, but I have replaced all the internals, but I guess the body may worn inside?


I've managed to help get two threads going here...Use of The WD16H carb is complicated by the fact that Norton used a unique jet block (with a milled flat and two small holes for the pilot air rather than the large single airway used by almost every other factory.

This photo shows (left to right) Type 76, 276R (used by most makes) and 276 (Norton). A miss-match with the mixing chamber could cause difficulties.



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