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Dominator 88 head bearings



Does anyone know where to get standard head bearings, all I can see is tapered or sealed.

Please let me know any details you may have or should I not stick to standard, they seem to have lasted quite well to date but now need a change 



I fitted taper rollers 30 years ago and have not regretted it .  They can  spread or close  the yokes a couple of mm   which  may affect  the  fit of the HL brackets  (worth shimming or grinding to get it right)  , they are also open without seals   which in theory allows  dust to enter ,but in practise allows me to  apply foaming  spray grease into the bearing  top and bottom  so they have lasted  those 30 years. If you fit sealed ball races you must fit a spacer, and probably still need to shim etc to get the distance correct for the brackets and rubber covers to fit.


In the days of yore when 15 pounds was a weeks wages and head races cost 5 pounds we used to use Morris Minor front wheel bearings. 25 bob the pair.



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