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69 Commando front sprocket


Hello all,

I have a 69 Commando and I would like to use a 520 o-ring chain on it.  I am new to this bike but from what info I have gathered I think there is an earlier model that uses a 520 chain and 1/4 inch sprockets.  Does anyone have the correct part number for that front sprocket? 

Thanks for the help



If you want a "modern" chain (i.e. one with O- or X-ring seals) you will certainly need a ¼-inch chain.

Holland Norton Works offers a complete kit:

X-ring chain set #H21 

Complete chain set includes D.I.D. 520 (5/8*1/4") X-ring chain, gearbox sprocket (please state your required number of teeth) and rear sprocket with sealed double row ball-bearing. Longer mileage, less maintenance. Direct replacement, no modifications required. Available for Commando pre MK3 with drum brake (#H21) Price EUR 320,00


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