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Frame Number


Good Evening,

I have been left some norton parts and one of the items is a frame, could someone please expalin what the B&M means at the end of the numbers.

Any help, my thanks in advance

Kind Regards



That's not the frame number, it's simply the lug casting number.

'M&B' is believed to be Mason & Burns of Walsall, the malleable iron foundry who produced the castings.


Hi Steve,

   Good info from Richard P. BTW, if you're not aware, the frame is a circa 1950 Model 7 Dominator.



It's hard to tell from the photo but is the frame missing the front petrol tank mount casting where the frame number is usually stamped?


Hi Ian/Steve,

   Yes, it looks like the tank lug has been purposely removed which will be a problem if the frame needs to be registered. There might be a frame shop number elsewhere which was used around this time, but if not, it will be difficult.


Be careful!  The frame lug might have been removed to keep the frame being traced back to its rightful owner.

  Just a thought



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