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Clutch cable routing


My recent acquired 72 Roadster project currently has no clutch cable. The straightest route from the gearbox seems to be up through a large hole in the bottom of the battery carrier. Is this correct please?


Clutch cable route

It passes through no holes but does go between gaps (seen some routed through harness grommet hole, do not do this), on my MK2a it goes between the oil tank and the battery tray, use the above sketch for best route regardless of variant.

Source INOA tech digest figure 2-7


Source INOA tech digest figure 2-7

Actually it is the routing on my combat, that I rationalized in 1988, and offered to the then, INOA tech digest editor (Mike Frick) . Which he gladly put in, along with my many other offerings. This method is what I would use on any of my 14 commando's


Dave C.

Contributing editor INOA tech Digest


It may be wise to consider the routing of the cable not by the straightest route but by the route that produces the easiest bends ( greatest radius) for a given cable length . Don’t forget to allow for the effect on the cable induced by turning the handlebars / forks .

The whole paragraph 2-7 that the pix was lifted from, in fact says "avoid sharp bends". At tech sessions that I give at local and national rallies, I also state to increase the cable length when the specific handle bars cause an excessively tight bend when in a left turn . That part did not make it into the now aging tech digest. There are several other commando assembly techniques that include the clutch cable routing and fitment that newbe's will fail to be aware of!


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