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Main and needle jet for 276 carb fitted to my 1951 ES2


The various copies of my Norton manuals state that the main jet is #160 but there is no mention of what the needle jet should be ?   

 AMAL offers 7 different needle jet options for the 276 carb

Could anybody kindly advise what the "stock" factory needle-jet would have been please


Grant in Toronto

Permalink you have found, the size is not listed anywhere. My 276 has no marks on the needle jet. Almost always the size is .106. 


According to my Amal book it concurs with David; .106 needle jet. As you say, 160 main jet, needle position 3, 6/0524 throttle valve.


The needle jet has a reference    4/061-106  ,don't know if it makes a difference.

Thanks David,  that was very helpful

I wonder if you can also advise me on the correct throttle slide.  There are 6 incremental variations in cutaway on the AMAL slides from the #2 to #6 versions.   I may want to step up or step down a cutaway as this process proceeds.   Never messed with the cutaway but by reducing the cutaway, I understand that I can make lower throttle zone more rich which I may need to do.

Do you have an idea what the stock "factory" cutaway number would have been ?  My Haycraft "book of the Norton" says the "Throttle Valve" is 6/4 but that does not match up with current terminology on the AMAL web site. 

thanks again,

Grant MacNeill, 

Twelfth Fret Guitar Shop, Toronto


The 6/ is the designation of the card. A 6/4 is just slide number 4.

If you are setting up a non standard carb from scratch, you can start with a low number cutaway and progressively file it away. But with a standard setup there should be no need. And filed slides will annoy you in the future.


Thanks David.  I have no intention of messing with the slide but wanted to verify that it is the correct one.  So...#4 slide it is.  Thanks.  I'll give the slide another careful look and probably find a number stamped into it.  If it is #4 or  has the current AMAL part number stamping 6/0524 then I won't worry and for the moment, focus on all the other variables to ensure that I have the correct jets

very helpful




.. of course but my 1952 ES2 has a monobloc fitted and spat back a lot on opening the throttle. A change to the next richer slide (can't quite remember ATM but think it was 4 to 3.5) cured it.


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