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Electra Roller


Looking for some advice here.

Found an Electra "roller" in my area that consists of both wheels, both fenders, a fuel tank, rear shocks, and front forks.  The fenders seem to have surface rust.  The wheels are pretty much rusty trash, but the hubs and brakes look serviceable.  The gas tank seems to be undented, but the interior condition is unknown.  The front fork is unknown, but looks pretty crusty.  the rear shocks are toast.  The frame is heavily rusted.

The guy wants $800 for the whole thing.  Since I only want the front fender it seems a bit high and he won't part it out.

What do you think?  Is his asking price reasonable or am I just being a bit cheap?

Not much to go on (and I can't get any pictures), I know, but opinions would be appreciated.



The front forks and yokes should be roadholders, they would be worth £250 in the uk at least providing they are restorable. Mudguards £100 each If in reasonable shape. Wheel hubs £50 -100. Each.  Tanks are fairly common but the Aluminium Norton decor panels are worth a bit if good, as are the styling panels if it has them. Spacers, stands and other fixings also have a value.

Not sure where you are or the exchange rate but if it has the  styling panels I’d buy it! 



A photo would be appreciated. If you are in the US, prices for old Brit iron may be different. (Lower than in UK?) Might be worth you buying it to see if you can interest us over this side of the pond with what you have? Just beware of shipping costs.


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